Full marks for Tatonka in Social Ethics

The European Not-for-Profit Organisation “MADE-BY” has confirmed that TATONKA achieved 100% in a social standards survey (Class A) in 2011. “MADE-BY” checked and evaluated the measures of 2011 carried out at the company‘s production site Mountech CO. Ltd. in Vietnam (establishment of OPEN FACTORY, certification to SA8000).

Tatonka gets 100%!

TATONKA took part in the survey as a member of the European Outdoor Group (EOG) and the “Bundesverband der Deutschen Sportartikel-Industrie (BSI)”, the German Association of the Sporting Goods Industry for the second time since its inception.

The associations launched the collaboration with MADE-BY in 2012 on behalf of their members; and the aim was to gain an insight into the adherence to social standards, to compare results and formulate further targets.

The participating brands were evaluated using a questionnaire developed by MADE-BY, and to do so presented the production details of their companies, the certifications they had achieved, audit reports and other information pertaining to the production process. MADE-BY visited the companies personally, and ensured that the information that had been provided was correct. A score card for each company indicated in percent the extent to which the defined social standards are met. MADE-BY rates the standards used within the industry ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative), FWF (Fair Weather Foundation) and SA8000 as extremely comprehensive.

Who is 'MADE-BY'

MADE-BY is a European Not-for-Profit organisation that is dedicated to improving social conditions and environmental care in the textiles industry. MADE-BY was founded in Holland in 2004, and has been active in Germany since 2008, and in England since 2009. Further information: www.made-by.org

Tatonka Open Factory

The German family-run company "TATONKA" is one of the few German companies in the outdoor gear branch to run its own family owned production plant, in this case Mountech Co. Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Right from the beginning it was always the goal to establish production to European standards, in order to manufacture high quality outdoor gear. This of course means training the employees on site and creating the framework conditions for a close cooperation. Social responsibility for employees whether in Germany or in Vietnam is a corporate philosophy based on experience.

These principles can be experienced first hand under the terms of the project "Open Factory". Since March 2011 it is possible to visit the production plant in Vietnam and to see for oneself the extent of the ongoing social commitment on the part of the Tatonka company.