Never Walk Alone - The World’s Greatest Guarantee

Never Walk Alone - The World’s Greatest Guarantee

Here at OSA Brands, we have over 30 years’ experience in selling the world’s best brands; and we’re so confident in the in the quality of your new Tatonka Pack or Bag that we’re guaranteeing the product against any manufacturing faults for the lifetime of the product.

Yep, things wear out but quality lasts forever. We’ve got your back!

World’s Greatest Guarantee FAQ’s

There’s a problem with my new Tatonka Pack or Bag. What do I do?

If you have a problem with your new Tatonka Pack or Bag, you can either return it (with proof of purchase) to your place of purchase, or call us TOLL FREE on 1800 558 707.

But I’m already travelling – what if I’m overseas?

You can still call us during Aussie EST business hours on (+61) 3 9775 1916. Speak to us about your problem – we’ll have a solution!

So, if I have to send the pack back, who pays for shipping?

You’re only responsible for getting the pack back to us – we recommend using a form of freight or postage that has a tracking number. OSA can’t be responsible for packs that are not received by our returns department. We’ll pay for shipping the item back to you.

How long does it take?

OSA Brands will make every effort to notify you within 48 hours of receipt of your Tatonka Pack or Bag what we’ll be doing to solve your problem. If you need your pack of bag back by a certain date please let us know!

Do I have to clean my pack or bag before sending it back?

For health and safety reasons, we can only assess packs or bags that are clean. Nikwax produce a great range of products that you can use to clean your pack – check out their website at

This is all very nice – what’s not covered? And… What exactly do you mean by “Lifetime of the Product”

·         Size, Fit and Colour – here at OSA Brands we put a lot into our retailers to ensure they have the tools to fit you up right every time!

·         Normal Wear and Tear: any aging of your Tatonka Pack or Bag that’s a result of reasonable use. Your Tatonka pack or bag will take a lot of stick – wear those scars like a kid with a plaster cast!

·         Any damage involving a foreign object; like a knife, rock or shotgun - it’s best not to wear your pack as a cape in a bullfight. We want you to use it, please don’t abuse it.

·         Third party repairs or replacements – please send your Tatonka Pack or Bag back to OSA Brands – we can’t be responsible for repairs carried out by someone else.

·         If in doubt, try us anyway. We will assess any warranty claim regardless of fault or the age of the product.

Tatonka; Better Made, Better Fit: Better Value!